Sunday, July 30, 2006

How To Change A Southwest Airlines Boarding Pass From a "C" or "B" to an "A"!

Note to self: Tell airlines that HTML based print-at-home boarding passes are a bad idea. The info below is very innocuous, but if you think about other things that could be done.....

Ok, people I have a plane to catch but I thought you might find this useful. If you fly Southwest, you know that being a B or C sucks. If you print your boarding passes, you never have to be in that group again.

1) Use Firefox (IE cannot correctly save the web page).

2) When viewing your boarding pass, click "File" then "Save Page As". You want the "Save as Type" to be "Web Page, Complete".

3) Save this graphic: somewhere on your hard drive.

4) Use any HTML editor to change the "B" or "C" graphic on your saved boarding pass to the "A" graphic that you saved.

You now have an A boarding pass. This works perfectly, and before you ask - no - the A, B, or C is not embedded or associated in any way with the barcode on the side so you'll be fine. If you don't believe me, watch the screen attached to the boarding pass scanner the next time you are boarding on Southwest. It just turns green and says "Valid Boarding Pass" - nothing about boarding group.

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